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Who does the healing?

Can you guess who the #1 doctor in the world is? (Hint: it’s not Dr. Cox) Take a look in the mirror. It’s you!

Think about this for a second. What happens when you get a paper cut? Your finger bleeds for a minute, and then what? Your body has already sprung into action, producing a slew of different clotting factors and other chemical cascades that bring about a perfect clot to stop the bleeding.

Have you ever broken a bone? Did you have to think about it healing, or did it simply occur on its own?

When we break it down, these are incredibly complex processes that occur automatically without the slightest bit of work on our part.

What I’m trying to say, your human body is the perfect doctor. It’s the perfect pharmacy. When functioning properly, it manufactures the perfect chemicals in the perfect quantities at the perfect time to bring about health.

With the exception of major trauma or severe acute illness, I honestly believe that we should be able to go from the cradle to the grave without ever needing a single medication in our system.

Over the next three blog posts I'll cover the THREE HIDDEN SECRETS TO HEALTH. 

Stay tuned...


David Cox, D.C. Dr. David Cox is Little Elm's Original Chiropractor! Passionately serving the area since 2001, he has been in Little Elm since it was a "one stop light town!"

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