Dr. Cox hits 1,000 mile goal!

For me, physical exercise provides much more than just health benefits. In addition to the obvious improvements in physical strength, endurance, bone density, cardiovascular health, etc., exercise is my alone time. 
It's my time to think, to review my goals, and set new ones.
It's my time to pray, to give thanks, and to simply enjoy the quiet of God's creation. 

In case you're thinking, "I don't have time," remember a 30 minute workout is only 2.1% of your day. 

Since I don't, particularly enjoy running, I decided to set an unpleasant goal of running 1,000 miles, which I hit last week, two months ahead of schedule.

This can meet only one thing:



David Cox, D.C. Dr. David Cox is Little Elm's Original Chiropractor! Passionately serving the area since 2001, he has been in Little Elm since it was a "one stop light town!"

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